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By-Laws Chapter I North-East Region Ringette By-Laws Chapter I Ringuette de la Région du Nord-Est North-East Ringette Association

1.1  Ontario Ringette Association Constitution   
    Northeast Region Ringette Association shall adopt the the Ontario Ringette Association (ORA) Constitution, comprising of letters patent, by-laws and regulations as published by the Ontario Ringette Association.   
  1.2   Northeast Region Ringette By-laws   
    By-laws affecting the Northeast Region Ringette Association may be enacted, repealed, or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members in attendance at an Annual General Meeting of Northeast Region Ringette.  Such notice of proposed by-law change(s) will be noted on the agenda and will be provided for review by members by submission of written copies to the membership a month prior to the meeting.   
  1.3  Northeast Region Policies and Procedures   
    The Executive and the Co-ordinators may develop policies and procedures for the running of the association.  These will be approved by a simple majority of the Executive and Coordinators and will be brought forward at a meeting of the Northeast Region Committee for approval by a simple majority vote of the members in attendance.  Procedures may be brought forward to the Northeast Region Committee for information.   
1.4  Agreement   
    All Executive, Co-ordinators, Association Representatives, Members and Member Associations shall abide by the by-laws, policies and procedures issued in writing by Northeast Region Ringette.   
  1.5  Removal   
    Any person or association acting in contravention of O.R.A. or Northeast Region Ringette Association by-laws, policies, procedures, or to the detriment of ringette may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership in attendance at a meeting of the Regional Committee.   EXCEPTION: Persons appointed by the Executive may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Regional Executive.   
  1.6  Name   
    The name of the organization shall be the Northeast Region Ringette Association(N.E.R.R.A.) or (NER).   
  1.7  Membership   
    Membership shall be open to all local associations who operate entirely within Northeast Region’s boundaries as defined in the O.R.A. policy manual.  An association must be a member in good standing and have paid all dues, fines and other monies as assessed by the O.R.A. and N.E.R.R.A.   
  1.8  Objectives   
  1.8.1  To promote, administer & develop the sport of Ringette within our boundaries.   
  1.8.2  To deliver coaching programs for the development of coaches in the Northeast Region.   
  1.8.3  To provide officiating programs for the development of officials in the Northeast Region.   
  1.8.4  To provide player development programs for the development of players in the Northeast Region.   
  1.8.5  To promote the development of new Ringette Associations.   
  1.8.6  To provide Regional Championships when necessary or requested by the membership.   
  1.8.7  To provide “B” and “C” level at the Regional Championships.   
  1.8.8  To provide a communications link between the O.R.A. & the local Associations.   
  1.8.9  To administer the policies of the Northeast Region and Ontario Ringette.   
  1.8.10  To actively promote & support the objectives and policies of the Ontario Ringette Association & Ringette Canada.   
  1.8.11  To provide Adult Development for the benefit of the mature players.   
  1.9  Official Colors   
    The official colors of the Northeast Region Ringette Association shall be Royal Blue, White ( the use of red as a minor color is allowed).   
  1.10  Logo   
    The Northeast Region logo is a stylized white snowflake with a red and blue bar representing sticks starting at the lower left side and ending in the top right overlaying the snowflake.  If the logo is large enough there is a “N” in the red bar (stick) and an ”E” in the blue bar (stick) in the top right end.  The Northeast Region Ringette Association logo may be used by any Member Association, Executive Member or Regional Coordinator provided approval has been granted by a majority of the Regional Executive prior to its use and, must be present on all “AAA” uniforms.   
  1.11  Expenses   
  1.11.1  Executive and Regional Co-ordinators Shall be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses for telephone, travel, printing, photo-copying, postage, and meeting room rental if required. These expenses may be included in the budget that each Executive Member and Regional Co-ordinator shall prepare for the Treasurer to be submitted to the Regional Treasurer at the first meeting of the season of the Northeast Region Ringette Association. The Regional Treasurer shall co-ordinate these budgets into one, which shall be presented for approval by the Northeast Region Ringette Association at the next meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association. In the event that no budget is submitted to the treasurer, the treasurer may use the previous season’s actual cost as a budget cost. Items not included in the budget must be presented for approval to the Treasurer.   
  1.11.2  Co-ordinators are responsible for clinics, whether it be Officiating or Coaching.  They must hand in to the Treasurer the money and the clinic expense form after the clinic.  The clinic expense form will be considered an invoice unless otherwise requested.   


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