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By-Laws Chapter II North-East Region Ringette Association Structure Ringuette de la Région du Nord-Est North-East Ringette Association

2.1 Executive Committee
2.1.1  The Executive Committee Shall Consist Of The Immediate Past-President/Chairperson. The President. The Vice-President. The Treasurer. The Secretary. The seven (7) Region Standing Committee Coordinators.
2.1.2 The Executive Committee of the Northeast Region Ringette Association shall Be empowered to carry out the business of the Region and hold such meetings as it deems necessary. Be responsible at all times to the Association Membership for it’s action. Be empowered to appoint a member in good standing to fill a vacant executive position with the exemption of the President/Chairperson.
2.2 Regional Standing Committee Co-Ordinators
2.2.1 The Region Standing Committee Co-Ordinators Shall Be The Coaching Co-Ordinator. Games & Tournaments Co-Ordinator. Officiating Co-Ordinator. Athlete Development Co-Ordinator. Adult Development Co-Ordinator. Membership Services Co-Ordinator. Elite Development Co-Ordinator.
2.3 Regional Committee Members
2.3.1 The Regional Committee shall consist of the Regional Executive, one President or delegate per member Association.  Any delegate shall be authorized in writing by the Association President.
2.4 Discipline Committee
2.4.1 The Discipline Committee shall consist of the Vice-President, the Co-ordinator responsible for the program included in the action and three local association members from three different associations.
2.4.2 If the Vice President/Chair or the coordinator is in conflict the President/Chair may appoint a substitute. See Discipline Committee on page 10.
2.5 Appeals Tribunal
2.5.1 The appeals tribunal shall consist of five individuals appointed by the Regional Executive that the Regional Executive determine to be best suited to deal with the appeal being heard.  They shall elect a chairperson from among themselves.
2.5.2 The assessing body upon written request shall review any fines or sanctions assessed.  Only after this avenue is followed can an appeal be made.
2.6 Voting Privileges
2.6.1 At full Member meetings and Annual General Meeting, ONLY the President or official delegate of Member Associations who are members in good standing and have no dues, fines and other monies due to the Ontario Ringette Association or Northeast Region Ringette, shall be permitted to vote at meetings held by the Northeast Region Ringette Association.
2.6.2 Each President (or official delegate) of Member Associations shall have one vote.
2.6.3 Each Regional Co-ordinator shall have one vote each at all meetings attended.
2.6.4 Regional Executive, with the exception of the Chairperson, shall have one vote each at all Northeast Region Ringette Association meetings attended.
2.6.5 The Chairperson shall vote only in a case of a tie.
2.7 Elections
2.7.1 See by-law #5 of the Ontario Ringette Association policy manual.
2.8 Local Association Responsibility
2.8.1 It shall be the responsibility of the local association to provide the Regional Secretary with a copy of their association’s Executive at the first regional meeting of the season. Information should include full name, address, postal code and telephone number.
2.8.2 It shall be the responsibility of each local association to ensure that their President, or alternate, attend or participate via teleconference each of the Northeast Region Ringette Association meetings.


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