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By-Laws Chapter III North-East Region Ringette Policies And Procedures Ringuette de la Région du Nord-Est North-East Ringette Association

  3.1 Signing Authority  
  3.1.1 The President and the Treasurer shall have cheque signing authority for Northeast Region Ringette Association and/or one (1) other Executive member as approved by the Regions Executive.  All cheques shall have two (2) of the three (3) authorized signatures.  
  3.1.2 The President or his/her designate must sign all other documents of the Region.  The President and/or Membership Services Co-ordinator to Sign all standard releases.  
  3.2 Regional Meeting Attendance  
  3.2.1 It is the responsibility of each local association to ensure that a President or official delegate attend or participate in every meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association.  An alternate may attend in his/her place and must declare in writing that they are the approved delegate for the local association before being permitted to vote at the meeting.  Any local association missing two (2) consecutive meetings without written notice shall receive written notice from the Regional Secretary.   Loss of regional privileges could be assessed by the Regional Executive and Co-ordinators for associations continuing to be absent from regional meetings.   Contacting the Regional Chairperson and/or Regional Secretary at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Regional meeting to explain the local association’s absence will negate the possibility of discipline.  
  3.3 Meetings  
  3.3.1 Annual General Meeting
There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association at a time and place to be determined by the President/Chairperson and agreed to by the Executive Committee, no later than May 1st.   This meeting shall deal with the reports of the Executive Committee, amendments to Bylaws, Policy and election of executive.
  3.3.2 Special Meetings
Special meetings shall be defined as a meeting of the membership duly called and convened within twenty-five (25) days for the purpose of dealing with a specific item or items of an emergency nature.   A meeting can be called by the President/Chairperson or by petition with a minimum of six (6) executive members.   Notice of the nature of such specific items shall be circulated to the general Membership in advance of the meeting.
  3.3.3 Quorum
A quorum for the purpose of conducting business of the Northeast Region Ringette Association at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting shall consist of those members duly registered and in attendance.   A majority vote of the quorum shall be required to pass on motions relating to the previously mentioned business.   At an Executive Committee Meeting, fifty percent(50%) of the members of the Executive Committee, which must include either the President or Vice President and Treasurer shall constitute a quorum.
  3.3.4 Executive Meeting
Executive Committee Meetings shall be called at the direction of the President as business of the Association warrants.
  3.3.5 General Membership Meetings
Meetings for the General Membership shall be called at the direction of the President and the general membership for the purpose of discussing the business concerning the members and their association and Region issues.   There will be no less than two (2) meeting in a season. An attempt to hold more will be considered as warranted.
  3.3.6 Amendments to the By-laws and Policy
The By-laws and Policy shall not be altered except at an Annual Meeting and a notice of the proposed alterations shall be given to the Secretary in writing by a member in good standing at least two (2) weeks before the day of the meeting.   The Secretary shall notify the Executive of the proposed changes.
  3.3.7 Correspondence
All official correspondence should be addressed to the Regional Secretary at his/her address, to be presented at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association.   All correspondence received by the Secretary shall be reviewed before the next scheduled meeting.   All out going correspondence from an Executive Member or Regional Coordinator shall be copied to the Regional Secretary.   Any correspondence that is specific to a Regional Coordinator shall be addressed to him/her at his/her address.
  3.4 Release Policy  
  3.4.1 See section 9 of the Membership Services section of Ontario Ringette’s policy manual.   The player Release Forms must be received by the Membership Services Co-ordinator by November fifteenth (I5) of the current playing season in order to be considered.   It is suggested, therefore, that the original associations bring player release form(s) to the regular meetings of Northeast Region Ringette Association in October and November if possible.   Any forms not available for these meetings should be addressed to the Membership Services Go-coordinator at his/her address to be received by November fifteenth (15).  
  3.5 Two Team Contract  
  3.5.1 See the two team player procedures in the Games & Tournament section of Ontario Ringette’s policy manual.   The Player Agreement forms must be completed before the player can play for the second team. Two-team agreements are intended to ensure the viability of a regional team that may be short a player or two and that only has access to provincial players to complete the roster.   Therefore, a maximum of 3 Two-Team players from a Provincial team may participate on a single regional team (B/C). Exceptions must be brought forward to the Regional Membership Services coordinator for consideration.  
  3.6 Appeal Process  
  3.6.1 All appeals shall be heard by the Northeast Region Ringette Association Appeals Tribunal, providing that the persons seeking appeal sends notice in writing to the Secretary within ten (10) days of the decision for which they appeal.   All appeals must include a certified cheque for seventy-five ($75) dollars payable to Northeast Region Ringette.   A refund will be issued for a successful appeal.   Only decisions of the Discipline Committee shall be subject to appeal without the majority support of the Executive Committee.  
  3.7 Placing Items on the Agenda  
  3.7.1 Any member wishing to raise discussion leading to a motion under the heading of general business shall contact the President twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting in order to have the item placed on the agenda.  
  3.8 Amendments & Changes to Regional Policy  
  3.8.1 All amendments to Regional policy shall take immediate effect upon approval at any regular meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association by vote of simple majority of the local associations, voting Executive and Regional Co-ordinators present at the time of the vote.  
  3.9 Officiating & coaching clinics  
  3.9.1 All clinics in Northeast Region shall be run under Northeast Region with approval to host coming from Northeast Region Ringette Association.   It shall be the responsibility of the Regional Co-ordinator to see that Ontario Ringette Association policies are adhered to with regard to the operation of such clinics. The profits/loses from Coaching clinics shall be shared on a fifty/fifty (50/50) basis between the host and Northeast Region Ringette, the profits/loses from Officiating clinics shall go the Northeast Region Ringette Association.  
  3.10 Fees, dues, levies, etc  
  3.10.1 Any fees, dues, levies, etc., are to be submitted within 30 days of notification of same.   Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action as per as per Ontario Ringette Association Policies and Procedures.   Northeast Region Ringette will utilize one part invoices for fines, billing, etc. either e-mailed or mailed.  
  3.11 Games and Tournaments- Fines  
  3.11.1 All Games and Tournaments fines are to be submitted within 30 days of notification of same. (See section 5. 0 of the G&T section for appeal process).  
  3.11.2 Any team not complying with Games and Tournaments requirements may be subject to further disciplinary action.  
  3.12 Sanctions  
  3.12.1 Sanctions imposed in any local association reported to the regional President within one week (7 days) of decision, and all sanctions at association level will be enforced across the region and at all sanctioned events and by all regional bodies and on any and all teams.  
  3.13 Minimum number of players on an “A” team from Host association  
  3.13.1 The majority of players on a team at “A” level must come from the host association (i.e. their home association is the association hosting the “A” team).  
  3.14 Over Age Players  
  3.14.1 This process applies to players who do not fit within the age division legally.   In the case of the minor players this is an overage player.   The region must approve these players, before they can participate.   You must follow the guidelines set down and give as much information as possible.   It is up to the applicant to provide the information and make their case for the request.   The approval process for overage player requests is as follows (See Association President or Registrar for an Overage Player Request Form.).  
  3.14.2 Associations will submit all requests for overage player movement at all levels of play complete with an explanation, on or before November 01 of the playing year.   Applications must be approved by the MS coordinator before TRFs are submitted to the ORA on November 15th.   Players who are not approved and who appear on a TRF submitted to the ORA will be moved off the team .  
  3.14.3 The request is to be submitted in writing or by legible fax on the appropriate form to the NER Membership Services Coordinator with all the proper signatures.  
  3.14.4 The MS Coordinator will decide either to approve or reject the request without committee review or will bring the request forward for committee review. This decision will be based on the requested number of over aged players applying to be on the team and the reason for the application.  
  3.14.5 The MS Coordinator may approve 2 players without consultation with the committee.   Requests for 3 or more players may require review by a committee.  
  3.14.6 Requests for the movement of more than 3 players to the same team may be brought to committee for review and if approved, may result in the team being registered in the next highest age category.  
  3.14.7 Where a committee review is required, the MS Coordinator will submit a copy of the over age requests to the committee for consideration and decision.  
  3.14.8 If it is the decision of the President (after consultation with at least 3 members of the executive of NER), that an association has acted in bad faith by deliberately withholding relevant information, the decision approving player movement can be reversed.   The team to which the player/s had been assigned will forfeit all games played at sanctioned NER events.   The affected association will have the right to appeal to a tribunal consisting of three members in good standing with NER. The decision of that tribunal will be final and binding on all parties.  
  3.15 Declaring Provincial Teams  
  3.15.1 Associations intending to host a Provincial ‘A’ team must declare this intent by May 31 of each year and must include a minimal roster of at least 6 players with the declaration, starting in May 2011 for the 2011-2012 season and all subsequent playing seasons.   Rosters and statement of intent must be submitted to the Regional G&T Coordinator.  
  3.15.2 Regional approval must be given for formation of AA teams, with teams submitting an application detailing how it will impact each individual association in our region with a partial roster of all home association players by May 31 of each year.   The regional executive will consider the application and respond within two weeks.   The decision of the Regional Executive will be final with no appeal.   This rule currently only applies to the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons.  


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