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By-Laws Chapter V North-East Region Ringette Terms of Reference for Standing Committees Ringuette de la Région du Nord-Est North-East Ringette Association

  5.1 Discipline Committee  
  5.1.1 The Discipline Committee shall hear matters of discipline that are determined by a majority vote of the Regional Executive to be: (a) under the jurisdiction of the Regional Executive, and (b) to warrant some disciplinary action. The President shall convene a meeting of his/her committee within ten (10) days of Executive approval. This committee shall have the right to call any member to appear before this committee to give evidence. The committee shall have the right to assess fines up to two hundred ($200.00) dollars and or suspensions for or up to one (1) year for each disciplinary action. The cost of a hearing by this committee may be assessed to the individual or association for whom the disciplinary action is initiated against providing the discipline committee finds a need for disciplinary action against that individual or association. The offending party shall be informed within ten (10) days of a decision.  
  5.1.2 The Regional Discipline process would be implemented when the Regional President or Secretary receive a complaint in writing from a Member Association, within 10 days of the incident, explaining the full details, or when: A) a player has received two (2) game ejections (any combination of 10 minutes in penalties, misconducts or matches); B) a coach receives any two (2) game ejections or suspensions (any combination of misconducts, matches or 30 minutes in team penalties suspensions). By request of an Executive Committee Member.  
  5.1.3 The Games and Tournaments co-ordinator would be responsible for making the Regional President aware of these situations through their regular evaluation of the game sheets or Incidents. The Association Presidents are responsible for making the G&T Co-ordinator aware of these situations.  
  5.1.4 If the concern is raised through the Games and Tournaments committee to the appropriate coordinator (Athlete Development coordinator in the case of a player and the Coaching Development Coordinator in the case of a coach) is to contact the Association’s President or to make sure that the Association is aware of the situation and to ask what steps that the association is planning or has taken in remedying the problem. If any coordinator is unable to make this contact, the Vice President of the Region will make it. A record of this contact and its outcome should be given to the Regional Secretary to be held for one (1) year.  
  5.1.5 If a player or coach receives another game ejection of any sort, the region would then convene a Discipline Committee hearing.  
  5.1.6 The Regional Executive would be notified within three (3) days of the receipt of the complaint, and shall determine whether the matter will be heard. The Discipline Committee hearing will meet within ten (10) days of the Regional President or Secretary receiving a written complaint or being contacted by the Regional Games and Tournaments Coordinator.  
  5.1.7 At least three (3) days before the hearing, the Discipline Committee Chair shall advise by telephone, and confirm by e-mail or in writing to all persons involved, the date, time and place of the hearing and the issues under review. Time on the agenda should be provided all persons involved the in the complaint to present their cases. Persons involved may include, but are not limited to, the person(s) submitting the complaint, the person(s) against who the complaint has been filed and any witnesses. If the complaint comes from the Games and Tournaments committee, the Games and Tournaments Coordinator will be considered the person submitting the complaint.  
  5.1.8 If there is a conflict of interest regarding the Vice-President, the Regional Board of Directors shall find a suitable replacement and such person shall have all the powers of the Vice-President for the purpose of this Regulation.  
  5.1.9 All sitting member shall vote on the matter put to the Committee and the vote shall be recorded numerically only. A majority vote is required for the intervention to be successful. Each Committee member must vote, and although the vote will be recorded, it shall not recorded as to how a member voted by name. The voting of the Discipline Committee shall be by assent or dissent, but how a Committee member voted is privileged and confidential between the members of the committee.  
  5.1.10 For each Discipline hearing a secretary shall be chosen from amongst the Committee members. Minutes shall be recorded by the Committee and shall be filed with the Regional Secretary for each hearing.  
  5.1.11 Anyone unable to attend the hearing at the stated time and place shall inform the Discipline Committee Chair who their representative will be.  
  5.1.12 If any person fails to attend the Discipline Committee hearing, the hearing shall proceed, and the decision reached shall be final and binding, with no appeal permitted.  
  5.1.13 All correspondence concerning the decision of the Discipline Committee shall be mailed to the parties involved and shall be deemed to have received the fourth day after such mailings.  
  5.1.14 The decision reached by the Discipline Committee shall be sent to all parties involved in the hearings within ten (10) day of the hearing.  
  5.1.15 Copies of the Discipline Committee correspondence and the minutes of the Discipline hearings shall be filled with the Secretary of the Region.  
  5.1.16 With the issuance of an intervention/sanction by the discipline committee the minimum suspension will be as follows.  
  5.1.17 A severe or vicious assault e.g. repeated stick swinging with contact will be assessed a minimum one (1) year suspension and a maximum 2 (2) years suspension. With a written request a 2 year suspension may be reviewed after one (1) year.  
  5.1.18 Fighting will be assessed a minimum three (3) game and a maximum seven (7) game suspension.  
  5.1.19 If a clear aggressor is determined it will result in an extra game suspension.  
  5.1.20 Any act of aggression by a player or bench staff on the ice during a game may result in a suspension over and above what is assessed by game rules in the Ringette Canada Rule Book.  
  5.1.21 Any act of aggression by a player or bench staff off the ice will result in a one (1) game suspension at the level of play at which the incident occurred.  
  5.1.22 Any act of aggression by a fan, parent/guardian will result in a minimum one (1) week ban from the arena that their team participates in. If any team staff member is sanctioned as a fan, parent/guardian the staff members team will respect the ban by including official team functions even if the incident did not include his/her team.  
  5.2 Appeal Procedure  
  5.2.1 Any person, against whom the Discipline Committee has issued an intervention, may appeal the decision to the Regional Executive within five (5) day of the receipt of the decision of the Discipline Committee decision, provided that such appeal is in writing, detailing the reasons for the request. An appeal must be based on improper penalty or punishment being issued or improper application of the Region or ORA policy, rules or regulations.  
  5.2.2 The Regional Executive , excluding any members who were part of the original decision reached by the Discipline Committee, shall determine whether the decision can be appealed, based on item 5.2.1 above, and their decision will be final.  
  5.2.3 If the appeal is not allowed, the decision of the Discipline Committee shall be binding.  
  5.2.4 If the appeal is allowed the Appeals Tribunal has the right to consider the matter under appeal with or without a hearing.  
  5.2.5 The decision reached by the Appeals Tribunal shall be binding. Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary of the Region and shall be kept on file along with the Discipline Committee minutes. The appeal will be completed within 7 days of the appeal being filed and the participants in the appeal shall be notified in writing within 7 days of the decision being made.  
  5.2.6 The appeals tribunal shall hear appeals of the actions of the disciplinary committee rulings, or those as approved by a majority vote of the Regional Executive. Any individual or member association shall have the right to appeal a decision of the discipline committee by forwarding to the President of the appeals tribunal written notice of such intention with a certified cheque for seventy-five ($75) dollars payable to Northeast Region Ringette within ten (10) days of the discipline committee decision for which they a re appealing. The President shall have the right to call any member to give evidence. If an appeal is deemed successful by majority of the appeals tribunal the individual or association shall have their seventy-five ($75) dollar cheque returned. The decision of the appeals tribunal shall be final.  
  5.3 Coaching Selection Committee - Regional All-Star Team  
  5.3.1 The Bench Staff Selection committee shall consist of the Coaching Coordinator, the Elite Coordinator, 3 members at large. All five members of the committee shall vote. Once selected the Head Coach will select his bench staff with consideration be made of the other applicants and have it approved by the Regional Executive.  
  5.3.2 The Bench Staff will serve until the May following the Ontario Winter Games.  


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