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By-Laws Chapter VI North-East Region Ringette Regional Championships Ringuette de la Région du Nord-Est North-East Ringette Association

  6.1 Regional Championship Application  
  6.1.1 Application to host the Regional Championships for the upcoming season shall be submitted at the AGM meeting of the Northeast Region Ringette Association one year in advance when ever possible.  
  6.1.2 When ever possible the Regional Championships will be hosted outside Sudbury basin, at least once every 3 years.  
  6.1.3 When the Regional Championship host has been assigned, the Regional Games and Tournaments Co-ordinator will have the Secretary send a Northeast Region Championship Host Guide.  
  6.1.4 Regional Championships shall not be held on the same weekend as a Provincial Championship when possible. It is the duty of the Games and Tournaments Coordinator to verify the dates of the Championships.  
  6.1.5 IThe Host of the Regional Championships shall pay the Northeast Region a Host fee of $200.  
  6.1.6 Substitutions for Regional Championships (ALL LEVELS) must have prior permission from the names and Tournaments Co-ordinator, before they can participate. Failure to do so may result in the player and/or the team not being allowed to participate.  
  6.2 Regional Responsibilities  
  6.2.1 Seeding and scheduling of the teams will be the responsibility of the Host Committee with the G&T Coordinators approval.  
  6.2.2 Officiating Coordinator or designate will schedule all on-ice official in association with the Host Committee. Timekeeper, scorekeeper and shot clock operators are the responsibility of the Host or delegate.  
  6.2.3 Print and distribute any changes that are made to official rules. [G&T].  
  6.2.4 Arrange and handle discipline at event [G&T] and [Officiating].  
  6.2.5 Set up a rules committee and /or have a Games and Tournaments Representative available with all official rules at each site. [G&T].  
  6.2.6 Submit sanction application to the O.R.A. office. [G&T].  
  6.2.7 Assist Host when possible. [G&T].  
  6.2.8 Liaise with host on format for results boards to be posted and use same lay-out for Program. [G & T].  
  6.2.9 Arrange for the NERRA Regionals Banner to be sent to the Host and returned to the Region.  
  6.3 Host Responsibilities  
  6.3.1 Prepare a tournament budget in liaison with the Games and Tournaments Coordinator and Region to ensure that fees are suggested that are adequate.  
  6.3.2 Arrange for souvenir sales and ensure that the tables are set up in a prominent place and adequately staffed.  
  6.3.3 Obtain and forward hotel information and maps to the association reps. as early as possible.  
  6.3.4 Arrange for the printing of a program (if possible). Include team lists and schedule (obtained from Games and Tournaments Co-ordinator). If possible have the program available for no charge. Advertisements should be sold to cover the costs of the program. This should be a moneymaker, or at the very least a break even endeavor.  
  6.3.5 Arrange for first aid coverage, if possible.  
  6.3.6 Secure and distribute “welcome packages” for the teams (optional).  
  6.3.7 Arrange for easy administration of dressing room keys, game sheets and information.  
  6.3.8 Arrange for publicity -- in particular, signage through out the area beforehand.  
  6.3.9 Ensure that there is some kind of skate sharpening service available in or near the arena.  
  6.3.10 Arrange for adequate communication between sites to up-date results.
NOTE - One site should be designated as the co-ordination site. .
  6.3.11 Arrange for timekeepers and score keepers and shot clock operators. Make sure that all of these persons know their duties and that each is properly instructed on how to carry them out properly.  
  6.3.12 Arrange for the required amount of ice. Liaise with G & T on amount required.  
  6.3.13 Arrange for dignitaries to hand out trophies to winners (political / Sponsors / Association Reps).  
  6.3.14 Arrange for sponsorships for ice, programs, sales, etc...  
  6.3.15 Opening ceremonies are not necessary, as there is usually not enough time or available teams to participate. The raising of an official banner before a game on the first night should be considered.  
  6.3.16 Work with the Region Coordinators to ensure a smooth running event.  
  6.3.17 Arrange for extra shirts, or “pinnies”, in case of colour conflicts.  


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